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Welcome to the NYC Diamond District Education Page

Here you will find the encyclopedia of Jewelry. Become an expert with our education and guidance tutorials. Navigate yourself through this page here you will see a Tab labeled Category and under Category you will see:

Each page allows you to get into the mind and world of Jewelry and the experts behind all the artwork. In clicking on the first tab Diamonds, you will have the advantage of learning about:

  • How diamonds are weighed.
  • The importance of the cut to your brilliant diamond.
  • The clarity of your diamond, and how it is rated.
  • How the color of your diamond affects the rating and value.
  • The ability to shape your diamond.

On the next tab you will find Precious Metals, this page gives you the expert knowledge on

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
Every diamond comes with different setting types here you will learn about all the different setting choices to choose from. Most importantly the finishing type... Adding that last touch to your artwork. lastly, after all the built up excitement in making your perfection, you can use our ring sizing tool to size that masterpiece to fit your finger.

The next tab is Birthstones. After all, every month has a meaning. In this page you will learn the type of stone your month represents and all of its history.

Our Videos tab allows our customers to now have a visual tour to educate themselves. Experience a live tutorial with a Gemologist and Jewelry. Let NYC Diamond District help you make the right choice by teaching you the amazing details of Diamonds, Gemstones, and Jewelry.

You can start here with a complete guide on diamond earring purchases.