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Of the four characteristics, cut, clarity, color, and carat weight, it is the cut characteristic that has the greatest impact on a diamond’s beauty. The reason is simply. If you have three perfect C’s out of four, you will still have a brilliant diamond unless it is the cut that is less than perfect. A diamond’s brilliance is created by the cut. Brilliance is the extraordinary light that seems to leap out at you from the very center of the diamond. A diamond’s ability to process light is in the angles of the cut and the polished finish of its surfaces.

Here’s how it works.

Light enters the diamond through the flat cut on the top called the table. The light reflects off the pavilion, bounces across to the opposite side of the diamond, and bounces off that pavilion before reflecting back through the table again. This controlled light is what gives a diamond its amazing brilliance. But that is not all that is happening.

As more light enters the diamond from all exposed angles, something wonderful happens. Once it enters the density of the diamond, it slows from more than 180,000 mps (Miles per Second) to just less than 80,000 mps. White light actually carries every color. Once light passes into the dense diamond, it bends, revealing those magnificent colors as they bounce around inside the cut until it finds its way back out.

With an ideal NYC Diamond District cut, you get the brilliance of the controlled light with the explosion of rainbow colors within the diamond. This is why the cut of a diamond is such an important characteristic.

The Four Grades of Cut

The Deep Cut Grade:

Diamonds that have deep, elongated cuts will lose the light out of the bottom of the cut diamond before it can reflect back to the table or bend and reveal its colors. The diamond will appear dull and lifeless.

The Shallow Cut Grade:

The shallow cut is better than the deep cut at retaining light but is still not suited for brilliance. Much of the light is lost through the sides of the diamond diminishing the brilliance.

The Excellent Cut Grade:

This is a cut that looks brilliant and allows a good deal of light to show off.  

The Ideal Cut Grade:

The ideal cut is as beautiful as it is rare. It optimizes the brilliance of the diamond by reflecting nearly all of the light that enters through the table. This is the most expensive cut grade.

The NYC Diamond District actively seeks Excellent and Ideal cut diamonds in order to guarantee customer satisfaction in every purchase. Our Master Jewelers and diamond cutters handle each stone looking for and creating those with the perfect cut characteristics for our customers.


Over the years, numerous cuts have been developed as Master Gem Cutters, Mathematicians, Scientists, and of course, Jewelers who strive to create the perfect cut diamond and gemstones for a variety of effects. As a result, some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry have been created. The NYC Diamond District has the widest selection of diamonds and gems in all classifications of cuts. Look no further than the NYC Diamond District for the perfect diamonds for you.