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The NYC Diamond District is the leading source of diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals in the US. We also set the standard when it comes to leaving the smallest footprint possible. We recycle our precious metals wherever possible following the highest standards to ensure we lead the charge for a Green and eco-friendly industry.

As a general rule, the heavier the article of jewelry, the more gold content it has, however, this is not a dependable way to discern the authenticity of the jewelry you own or purchase. If you want to know what you have or are purchasing, look on the inside the article for the stamped information it contains. Gold jewelry should contain a K stamp followed by a number indicating the purity of the gold… the higher the number, the purer the gold content.

US Gold Facts:

In the US, the lowest Karat sold is 10K

You should always find a unique trademark for the manufacturer

You may find a stamp for the country from which the gold originated

The most common purity numbers are (From most pure to least) 24 – 18 – 14 – 10

Gold Karat Purity Defined

This is the least amount of purity that you can find on the US market. It contains 58.33% other alloys and 41.67% pure gold.

Currently, 14 karat gold is the highest selling karat purity sold. It contains 41.67% other alloys and 58.33% pure gold.

This is believed to be the ideal combination of gold and other alloys for strength and durability. It contains 25% alloy and 75% pure gold.

Deemed at to malleable to be ideal in jewelry making, you will not find a ton of jewelry in 24k gold. In its purest form, 24k has no alloy, which causes it to bend and even break easily.

The NYC Diamond District makes all of its jewelry on premises and can work from your specification to create your ideal diamond engagement rings and wedding bands using the best recycled precious metals and finest diamonds on the planet.