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Finishing Types

For our customer’s convenience, the NYC Diamond District offers several options when designing or “building” your custom ring or jewelry article. Many of our customers are already in possession of a diamond or center stone that they would like to add to a new design. For them, we can provide a semi-mount, or other options in various degrees of completion. Here are many of the options from which you may choose.

Jewelry, Finished: Thousands of completed articles of beautiful jewelry ready to wear and show off.

Jewelry, Semi Finished: This is jewelry that is near completion, yet lacking a center stone. Many customers choose this option with accent stones (Diamonds or gems) already set within the article. Our customers then choose to purchase a new stone, purchase a stone out of our enormous stock, or provide a special stone of their own for our Master Jewelers to set.

Semi Mount, Without Head: No center stone or setting for center stone but does have melee or accent stones on sides

Semi Mount, With Head: Has setting for center stone along with melee and/or side stones. The article is polished.

Unfinished Jewelry: Various degrees of completed jewelry

Polished: The finishing process is complete but stones need to be purchased and set if stones are needed

Semi Polished: The item has been through a partial process. It has been tumbled but needs to be polished and stones set if stones are needed to complete

Findings Only: All the things that go into the making of fine jewelry, unassembled